What kind of choir is it?

An acappella choir where beginners and more experienced singers are welcome. A choir whose priorities are passion, communication, and playfulness, and where one can learn to sing in various styles.

What do we sing?

Pop, Rock, Oldies, Rap, Musicals, etc.  I write almost all our arrangements because I don’t want them to be too difficult, I prefer them to be in a snappy “acappella” style, and I want them to mirror the capabilities and talents of the choir members.

Upcoming Concerts

planned… we will keep you informed

Who may become a member?

Women and men 22 years and up (this is actually flexible).  At this moment, most of our members are between 35 and 50 years old.

May one come to a few rehearsals to see if he or she likes it?

Certainly! I suggest between 1 and 4 times should do the trick.


When do we rehearse?

Usually every two weeks on a Wednesday evening from 19:30 to 22:30.  Why not every week? A lot of our members are mothers of young children or have a lot of work or other association commitments.  During school vacations we almost never rehearse.

Group singing lessons
Usually once per month on a Saturday morning from 09:30 – 11:00

Rehearsal Dates (PDF)

What happens at a rehearsal?

We begin with breathing-, warm-up-, rhythm, and harmony-exercises and sometimes musical improvisation games. Then we sing various canons for fun and for strengthening our ability to be independent with our own melodies.  Afterwards we work on the pieces we are preparing.  There is one 10 to 15 minute break with drinks, snacks, and conversation.

Where do we rehearse?

Usually in the school in Stein (sometimes, though rarely, we are in the new “Aktivraum”  located in the village gym and activity center.). We spend the first 30 minutes in a school room to the left and around a corner, while the “Buebechörli Stein“ finishes their rehearsal. Then we transfer to the “Aula”.

What does it cost to sing in this choir?

CHF 200 per year.  There are approximately 22 rehearsals and 9 group singing lessons a year.

Fringe Benefits

Once a month I hold free group singing lessons for those who wish to attend and better their singing skills.  They take place on a Saturday morning from 9:30 to 11:00 in the Aula.  Non-members may attend these lesson for a fee of CHF 10.- per lesson.

We sometimes organize workshops. Thus far we have had two Beatbox workshops with one of Appenzellerland’s finest and most creative young musicians, Raphael Holenstein. The attendees split the cost of these workshops.